“It’s a pleasure for us to provide a reference for John Jennings. After much research, including interviewing several leading North Shore Realtors, we selected John as our buying and selling agent based on his market knowledge, proven experience, and strong marketing program. As we worked with John, it became clear that we had made the right choice.

John’s market knowledge and experience was evident in the evaluations he prepared for our home and for the home we purchased. He provided thoughtful and insightful market information. As well, his negotiation skills and guidance helped us significantly during both the buying and selling process, with excellent results.

John’s marketing program for our home was highly effective, from his well presented and organized website to his marketing communications to realtors and potential buyers. The result was a great level of interest in our house, enabling us to maximize our house’s market value.

John’s integrity was clear in all our interactions with him. He and his staff were a pleasure to work with, and provided outstanding support and guidance to us throughout the process.

It is without hesitation that we provide this reference for John.”