“I chose to work with John because on some level I knew the process of selling the home I have lived in for twenty-three years would not be easy. I had more emotions tied up in this place than I care to admit and I needed a very special real estate agent.

John has been part of our community for such a long time that I already felt I knew him well and anyone who knew him, or of him, spoke so positively about him. John walked with me through this experience with patience when I dithered, calm when I felt upset, humour when I was sad and unfailing charm.

The results of the sale were so positive that I am still shaking my head at my good fortune. John negotiated with the utmost professionalism and good spirit. I could not have done it, and stayed sane, without him. What was a difficult life transition for me – filled with many ups and downs – ultimately became a very positive experience. I am the lucky one to have chosen John. And I would work with him again in a heartbeat. In fact, I will miss him.

I would recommend John without hesitation to anyone considering buying or selling a house. He is, quite simply, the best.”