Make a list of what you need to do and when you need to do it.

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4 Weeks Before

  • Book Movers
  • Notify Canada Post of your new address.
  • Get Change of Address forms from Canada Post.
  • Send change-of-address cards to
    • Friends
    • Relatives
    • Banks (and order new cheques from your bank)
    • Periodicals
    • Insurance Firms (be sure that you understand your insurance coverage and have placed adequate valuation on your household goods.)
    • Doctor, Dentist, Charge Cards
    • Canada Customs & Revenue Agency, BC Hydro, Cable Company
    • Old Age and other Pensions
  • Change address on license at Drivers’ Services

3 Weeks Before

  • Think about the things you want to be packed together. Organize your possessions so that the cartons can be labeled with the contents and according to the room in which they will be placed in your new home.
  • Decide what to move and what to give away. (Some goods could be donated to charitable organizations, arrange for pick-up)
  • Put 2 different colours of stickers to show which items will be moved and which will not.
  • With the items to move, label the room it is to go to. Have a garage sale!
  • DO NOT PACK watches, jewellery, money or important documents. Take these articles with you.
  • Arrange to have the telephone disconnected (but ensure that it’s not until after loading day) and hook-up telephone in your new home.
  • Arrange to have utilities and appliances disconnected.

2 Weeks Before

  • Recruit moving-day help
  • Arrange cleaning people
  • Return library books and anything borrowed from friends and neighbours.
  • Take care of bills, stocks and investments.
  • Plan and measure where your furniture will be placed in your new home.

1 Week Before

  • Arrange for delivery services to be discontinued – newspapers, magazines etc.

Just Days Before

  • Pack luggage.

On Moving Day

  • When all goods have been loaded, make a thorough check of all rooms, attics, basements, closets, cupboards and behind doors. It is your responsibility to make sure that nothing has been overlooked or loaded into the van in error.
  • Empty and thoroughly clean refrigerator
  • Make sure the freezer has time to defrost
  • Dresser drawers:
    • Dresser drawers can be left filled with light clothes and linen
    • Remove all valuables and items that could spill

Save Time

  • If you have a concern for time, move the smaller items from the basement or upstairs to the main floor before moving day if possible.
  • Carry back yard items to the front so that they can be easily loaded onto the moving van.

Prepare Your Home For Moving Day

  • Tie back gates, screen doors and remove doors if necessary

Reserve Elevators

  • Reserve elevators with apartment manager and check to see if the apartment can pad the elevators for you.