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Replace all burned out light bulbs. Replace fluorescent bulbs with incandescent bulbs in lamps, dining room fixtures, etc. as they provide inadequate lighting for pictures. Clean major light fixtures such as the dining room and kitchen. Flowers add a nice splash of colour and give your home a wonderful scent. Clean the windows inside and out if possible. Hide any moving boxes especially for a virtual tour because it picks up everything.

Living Room

  • Coffee Table – picture books are fine. Remove any newspapers and other clutter.
  • Couch – remove any unnecessary items. Arrange pillows and seat cushions neatly.


  • Counters – remove soap dispensers, dishrags, coffee mugs, cutlery, dish trays, glasses and any other unnecessary items.
  • Appliances – clean them and remove any dirty pots and pans. Remove clutter from the front and sides of the fridge. Remove all dishtowels from front of the stove.
  • Sink – remove dirty dishes, dishrags, scrub pads, brushes, pots and cutlery.
  • Table – remove boxes, papers, dirty dishes and any other unnecessary items. Arrange chairs neatly, and set it if you wish.

Dining Room

  • Arrange chairs neatly and remove any unnecessary items. If you wish, you can set your table.


  • Counters – they need to be spotless. Hide all cosmetics, soap dishes and toothbrushes.
  • Toilets – put the lid down.


  • Put all dirty clothing in hampers and put away any folded laundry. Unclutter nightstands, dressers, bureaus and armoires.


  • Cut the lawns, trim any trees and/or bushes. Rake any leaves on the ground. Remove any junk items or other unnecessary items. Sweep by the front door.